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ADHD Evaluations
(5* years to 17 years)

What to Expect 

Intake Appointment

In Person or Telehealth

60 minutes

Medical Records Review

No patient or family presence needed

60 minutes

Structured Observation

In Person

60 minutes

Final Report Review

In Person or Telehealth

60 minutes

At this visit we review goals for assessment, as well as an in depth past medical and educational history. An ADHD specific screener is completed. We may also screen for common co-occurring conditions such as anxiety, depression and sensory processing difficulties. As our goal is to provide individualized care, the same provider will be seeing you and your child at every visit. 

We review medical records that we receive, along with ADHD specific screeners from teachers or other school staff, as well as any further available educational records.

We complete a short physical exam, along with with completing a structured observation if needed.

Our findings are reviewed along with recommendations for next steps. We will also provide you with a copy of the final report to share with your primary care medical provider and your child's school if appropriate. 


Please expect 2-3 appointments, so we can make sure we are getting to know your child! *Please be aware that in order to make a diagnosis of ADHD, we do prefer to have 1 full year of school, or patient should be at least 6 years of age for appropriate diagnosis. 

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