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Developmental Care: What's Next? 

Are you looking for support as your child already has a diagnosis? Here are some of the most common conditions that we support, and how we do it. 

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Using evidenced based curriculums we explore identifying and managing emotions, discover their capacity for empathy, and give parents ways to help their child develop in these areas at home​

Best for children 5 to 11 years

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At Mt. Tahoma Developmental Pediatrics, we use the FAST curriculum for Anxiety developed by Seattle Children's Hospital to help your child learn new coping skills to help ease their minds throughout the day. These visits are not meant for children and adolescents with suicidal ideation or self-harming behaviors.

Best for children and adolescents age

7 to 18 years. 

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Our appointments for autism follow up help stabilize patients and families prior to referring them back to their primary care provider for life long management. We can assist with common difficulties including sleep training, toileting, functional communication, care coordination between services and helping manage distressing behavior.

Best for children up to 18 years

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The FAST curriculum for Depression developed by Seattle Children's hospital can also be helpful in treating mild depression in the outpatient setting. This curriculum is not for children or adolescents with suicidal ideation or self harming behaviors. 

Best for children and adolescents aged 7 to 18 years

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Disruptive Behavior

Disruptive behavior is distressing for the entire family, and often is due to a communication breakdown between the child and the parent. At Mt. Tahoma Developmental Pediatrics, we use a program called RUBI, which helps us identify how and what your child is trying to communicate to you through their behavior. At the end of this program, parents also receive in Behavioral Support Plan which helps organize your observations and the interventions that help your child the most. 

Best for ages 5 to11 years

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Medication Management

Medication can be a great tool for children and families to have in their tool box to assist in academic success, mood stabilization and anxieties related to social communication. It is used in conjunction with other therapies to help your child have the opportunity to find and be their best self. 

Best for ages 5 to 18 years

How to Schedule

Follow up appointments are for existing patients who have completed the assessment process with Mt. Tahoma Developmental Pediatrics OR those who have a developmental or behavioral health diagnosis from an outside provider. All visits are 60 minutes and scheduled as individual appointments. 

Not sure how to follow up? Contact us below, or via the patient portal

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