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Autism Evaluations
(24 Months to 17 Years)

What to Expect 

Intake Appointment

In Person or Telehealth

60 minutes

We discuss evaluation layout, set goals, and review your child's past medical history with you. Each visit is scheduled with the same provider as our goal is to partner with you to identify your child's unique strengths and areas for growth. An autism specific screening tool is completed at this time which may include the Child Autism Spectrum Test (CAST), Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (GARS-3), or the Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ). 


Expect 4-5 appointments so we can make sure that we are getting to know your child!

Medical Records Review

No patient or family presence needed

60 minutes

Our medical provider reviews all appropriate medical and educational records.

DSMV Interview

In Person or Telehealth

60 minutes

We complete a structured autism specific history interview. We may also screen or evaluate for other often co-occurring conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, depression and sensory processing concerns.

Structured Observation

In Person

60 minutes

We complete a structured observation with your child, this may include the Autism Mental Status Exam or the ADOS-2 or components of both. Depending on how your child responds, we may ask you to bring them back for another observation session and/or provide home video observation. 

Final Report Review

In Person or Telehealth

60 minutes

Evaluation findings are reviewed and we provide our recommendations for next steps. A copy of the final report will be shared with you, which if appropriate will include a referral for Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy*

*While ABA therapy is the gold standard to support persons on the autism spectrum, it is not appropriate for all patients. Always check with your insurance to see if they will accept an ABA referral from a nurse practitioner. The following insurances will cover ABA with our referral as of 1/2/2023: All Medicaid Plans, Aetna, some Kaiser plans, Regence, TriCare, United Health Care

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