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At Mt. Tahoma Pediatrics, we understand the importance of making appointments at a time that works for you. Self-scheduling allows you to select a date and time that works for you and your family. Once you have self-scheduled, our team will confirm the appointment, or provide an alternate option for appointment time.

Don't see a time that fits your schedule? Contact Us Below. 


Services List

How many appointments will my child need?

Autism Evaluation

Expect 4-5, 60 minute appointments, with most being conveniently scheduled via telehealth. 

ADHD and Developmental Evaluations

Please expect 2-3, 60 minute appointments, with most being conveniently scheduled over telehealth. 

Care, follow ups and curriculums

All developmental care, follow ups and curriculums are booked as individual appointments with the cost of $150 per appointment. If you are completing a curriculum, we will find you a weekly scheduled time to meet for the entirety of the program. 

Commitment to Patient Access

At Mt. Tahoma Developmental Pediatrics, we are committed to ensuring that all children can obtain timely access to critical developmental services. As such, we block 30% of patient appointments specifically for Medicaid patients. The blocked appointment rate is the reported Medicaid enrollment for Pierce County, and thus can fluctuate  year to year. If these appointments do not fill by the first of the month, they will be released for general booking. This allows us to have more appointments open at any given time and results in easier access for all patients. 

Parents and Child
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