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Raising Hand for a Question

Frequently Asked

  • What is the best way to contact Mt. Tahoma Developmental Pediatrics? 

    • The best way to contact us is via our contact form below. We will respond to any inquiries in 1-2 business days​.

    • If you have specific questions regarding your child, and need to include any private information including name, date of birth or medical information, please contact us via the patient portal. 

  • How do I book an appointment?

    • All appointment booking can take place online. Once you choose and book and appointment date, a team member will confirm your appointment or offer another date/time.​

  • How do I reschedule an appointment? 

    • Reschedule your appointment via the patient portal. If you are having difficulty rescheduling, please reach out to us using the contact form below. ​

  • What is your cancellation policy? 

    • All cancellations or rescheduling must take place one week (7 days) prior to your child's appointment. If your child is sick, or you have difficulties with transportation, we can always convert to telehealth.​

    • Any cancellations or reschedules that take place within one week (7 days) of your child's initially scheduled appointment are charged the full visit fee of $150 to the credit card on file.

  • How long should I expect a visit to take? 

    • In order to make sure that we have time to answer all of your questions, all visits are scheduled in 60 minute appointment windows. If the visit concludes prior to that window, your provider uses that time for medical records review, care coordination, and documentation. ​

  • Where can I find my telehealth appointment link? Do I need a special app to join? 

    • Your telehealth link will be provided to you over text or email and is also available on the patient portal.

    • Please contact us via the patient portal if you are having difficulty finding the link.

    • No special app needs to be downloaded or used and all telehealth is considered HIPAA compliant. 

  • What should I bring to my child's appointment? 

    • Any new medical records, individualized education plans/evaluations or mental health therapy records.

    • Your child's insurance card.

    • Anything that your child needs to help them regulate and stay calm. This could include snacks or a favorite toy. Please try to avoid screens unless your child is using them as a communication tool.

    • Any homework that was assigned, even if it's not done!

  • How do I access the patient portal? 

    • The patient portal can be accessed here.

  • How does insurance work? 

    • Patients with private insurance will pay upfront via credit card and be given an invoice/superbill to submit to insurance which includes the CPT codes that the insurance company will request for reimbursement. 

    • For patients with medicaid insurance, the insurance plan will be billed directly. Any remaining balance will not be charged to the family. 

    • We highly recommend calling your child's insurance prior to scheduling if you are planning on submitting for insurance reimbursement to clarify what they will and will not cover based on the insurance plan.

    • If your insurance company needs additional information for us, please reach out on the form below and we can provide it for you.

  • Do you need a referral from my primary care provider? 

    • We do not require a referral from your primary care provider; however, if your insurance requires it for reimbursement, please bring a paper copy of the referral to your appointment or upload it to the documents section of the patient portal .

  • Can you put in a referral to another specialty? 

    • For patients with PPO plans, Indian Health insurance or for those planning to self-pay for their subspecialty care, we can place a referral to other specialties​.

    • For all other insurance plans, we will provide referral recommendations to your primary care provider.

  • My insurance is asking for CPT codes, which CPT codes does this practice use? 

    • For every appointment a 99205 or a 99215 is used.

    • Add on codes may include 96112, 96113, 90885, G2212, 90846, 96160 and 99367.

  • What credentials does your provider have and what do they mean? 

    • Our medical provider is a pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP).

    • Pediatric Nurse Practitioners evaluate, diagnose and treat children and adolescents from birth to the age of 18 years. They can order labs, diagnostic imaging, and medications, including controlled substances.

    • Our medical provider also has special training from the University of Washington LEND fellowship in evaluation, diagnosis and support of children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

  • How does this practice keep up to date with information? 

    • Our medical provider participates in continuing education with a focus on developmental medicine to maintain their license every year.

    • They also a part of ECHO Autism Washington, which connects providers across the state of Washington for case consultation and continuing education. 

  • I have a question that is not answered here.

    • Please reach out to us below​ or via the patient portal.

Helpful Resources

Please see below for some helpful community resources, reading, listening, watching and other social media that we have found helpful to families over the years

*We do not have affiliations with any of these sites, media or products

Open Doors for Multicultural Families envisions a world where all culturally and linguistically diverse individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities and their families thrive in an inclusive society of their design.

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