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Mt. Tahoma Developmental Pediatrics, PLLC 

Developmental and Behavioral Medicine
Our Approach

At Mt.Tahoma Developmental Pediatrics, we believe in working with children and families by meeting them where they are--next steps and solutions planning are never a one size fits all. We do our best to work in partnerships with patients and families over time to give children the opportunity to find their best and most supported self.  

About Us

Care is provided by Anne Guion, ARNP, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with a special interest in Developmental Pediatrics. She is a certified as a Autism Center of Excellence Provider by the Washington State Health Care Authority. Anne is also a former University of Washington LEND Fellow with focused training in the diagnosis and care of neurodiverse children and adults.

What makes us different? 

  • We focus on your child's strengths, not just their areas for growth.

  • We provide goal oriented care, to ensure that your child gets what they need to be successful by their own definition.

  • We work across medical, social and educational systems to ensure that your child gets the care that they deserve.

  • We have time for you and your child. By making all of our visits 60 minutes, we have tripled the length of the average 20 minute medical visit. 

Autism Evaluations

Personalized autism evaluations and care planning for children with challenges in social communication.

 (24 months to 17 years)

ADHD Evaluations

Individualized evaluation and care planning for children with challenges with hyperactivity and attention.

(5 years to 17 years) 

Developmental Screenings

Individualized screenings, evaluations and care planning for children with suspected developmental delays.

(3 months to 36 months)

Developmental Care

Follow up appointments, parent training curriculums, patient care curriculums, mental health care and medication management


(5 years to 17 years)

Therapy Sessions
Quality Time Outdoors

Getting Help

Having concerns about the development of your child can be scary and navigating the medical and educational systems can be frustrating. We are here to help you find how to best support your child by discovering their strengths and areas for growth through comprehensive developmental screening and evaluation, parent and child behavioral counseling and medication management. 

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